Sixth World: Crossroads

Casings - Building's and Bullets

The Phillip Wright Story


There were two Knight Errant officers at Aztechnology “SeaLine” monorail, car number 6 when Fable scanned the place. Not utterly surprising. He’d jammed up some runners with that ploy once or twice himself. A little story about half-off drinks at Sequoia’s place and they didn’t bother making the trip to the new meet place Checkmate set. Not that the empty flash drive was going to get them a discount. But the added business wouldn’t piss Sequoia off.

Johnson was law enforcement. A friend of Checkmate’s or some such. The job was to infiltrate a low-rent corp and show them that if they didn’t pony up for Knight Errant’s protección that bad things would happen to them. Not that Johnson knew much about the job. On the 25th floor of the CentAm Chrysler building, in Executive Suite #3 was the MK.IX-Beta. The job was to get the MK.IX-Beta and move it to Johnson’s waiting van in the parking lot across the street. No word on what the MK.IX-Beta was, but the gig came with a briefcase from the policía Fable left drinking at the Ziggurat – the contents of which would bypass security for floors up to 24 – patrol routes, programs to neutralize corp security, passwords and so on – but only only good for the next few days.

A day’s work turned up a handful of useful items of interest. The MK.IX-Beta ran 300kg, but with a height listed as “2.5 meters exactly” in manifests. It was also identified as ‘troll-sized’, which wasn’t promising. No mention of magical defenses, so the crew was 90% sure it was non-magical. But that 10% was the cost of running without an occult expert. Additionally, a good-sized chain of corporate holdings turned up that Chrysler is owned by Fiat is owned by, is owned by, is owned by and so on until you reach Saeder-Krupp.

A little bit of work and Fable had put together the necessary paperwork for Phillip Wright, DVP-SSCHD (Deputy VP of Security for Small Corporate Holdings Division) to hold up when pushing the building security forces around. Fable pressed a few keys on his console and waited for his rented GMC Phantom NewUber to drive him to Chrysler, Checkmate and Zoetrope arranged their own way through the cargo entrance. Fable strolled right in the front door. Inside 3 minutes the entire building security system was answering to DVP Wright, and Chief of Security Abe Adams didn’t like it.

While Checkmate and Zoetrope worked their way through the building, Fable stalled security. That’s when the call came. A second Johnson offering more money, and one who knew too much about the run.

Fable led the security team to the 25th floor, they swept it, and Adams turned up a bootprint matching Lonestar. The security team moved to sweep Executive Suite #3 at the same time that Checkmate broke the code to access the Executive Level.

That’s when things went sideways. Several guards detained Checkmate, Zoetrope and Abe Adams on Wright’s orders. He figured he could get Checkmate and Zoetrope out of detention to ‘be moved to a black site’ and Adams was well past suspecting that Wright was a hoax. But what really got things messed up was the guards who cut MK.IX-Beta loose. The half-troll/half-machine went into a killing frenzy. Three guards died almost immediately. The MK.IX-Beta destroyed the elevators while searching for Fable. Meanwhile Fable collected the data from the computers that had been controlling the MK.IX-Beta. The result being the MK.IX-Beta was between Fable and the exit. The machine gun of an arm the MK.IX-Beta caught Fable in the chest, piercing his arcane wards, but he managed to reach the staircase and call all security forces to address the warmachine rampaging through the executive level. A quick sprint to the freight elevator on the 23rd floor got Fable out from between Security forces and the MK.IX-Beta, but the ensuing bloodbath left an additional 9 dead.

At ground level Fable came upon ‘Checkmate wrestling with a security guard over a gun and Zoetrope collapsed in a pool of her own blood. A swift kick to the guard’s head decided the issue and Fable and ’Checkmate dragged Zoetrope to the waiting NewUber. Next stop, The Daybreak Clinic.

Everyone walked away. Barely. The pandilla even got paid.


JetWong RSHipskind

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