Sixth World: Crossroads

The Simple Lift


Fable got the ping from the Johnson working for Horizon in the late afternoon. The meet was set for a private server on the matrix, and he shot the details to Checkmate and Taka, a tank of a troll who’d seen some action in the wars who Fable had done a run or two with before. Johnson wanted muscle, and nobody provides it like Taka.

Johnson’s avatar was a dead ringer for his image in meatspace. An elf male with blonde hair, a goatee and ponytail. He has tan skin and his teeth are too white. His Matrix avatar isn’t even a clever version of him; it’s just a picture of him. The Señor spent some time trying to get chummy with the padilla, talking about how he used to work on some two-bit soap opera about shadowrunners. But the brass tacks was that Horizon was agitated that they hadn’t been able to snag the Maria “Mercurial” Martinez away from Aztechnology. The two had been waging a less than covert PR war for some time, but with the hot war down in Bogota, Panama City’s front in the war had gone cold. And nobody at Horizon had any interest in it heating up. The pay 10,000¥ for each runner involved in obtaining a sample of Mercurial’s DNA. The catch, it wasn’t clear she was entirely human. Johnson denied the rumors Fable had heard about her being part hologram, but admitted they weren’t entirely sure what she was.

Mercurial travelled with no fewer than 8 bodyguards at any given time, and if the crew injured the target while dispatching security… well, there’s a reason this job was going to deniable assets. Johnson was keen to explain what Horizon would do with the DNA once it was obtained, but that mierda didn’t change the job.

The guards carried a reputation as warriors, but Taka’s military background gave the crew an edge. Most of the jaguar warriors were engaged in Aztlan’s war with Amazonia, and any left behind to work private security jobs had probably aged out of military service. Likely to carry all the hottest new gear, but to have lost a step to time.

Mercurial stayed in the Aztechnology Business Complex. The ABC is a large complex; six buildings with one central ‘large’ building. A short wall, about 3 meters tall, surrounds the ABC. Guards are light around the exterior of the wall, but the gigantic main building has a heavy security presence. While Checkmate staked out the entrance Taka and Fable went in to do some recon. A little scuffle between Taka and security gave Fable the opportunity to enter the main building undetected and take a quick elevator ride down to Security Subfloor A. And as luck would have it, right on the camera feed from the parking garage was Mercurial with 6 guards. Removing the flesh from her skin to reveal an unnatural merging of machine and man and replacing it with another flesh mask. As the Mercurial convoy pulled out of the compound Checkmate trailed them to a mall.

Taka and Fable jacked a car and made there way to the mall, where Checkmate had lifted a used dermapad from Mercurial’s handbag. Fable moved to acquire the dermapad with a quick brushpast of Checkmate, but her encounter with Mercurial had caught the attention of her security team. Taka made a scene taking out one guard and Fable drew the other’s attention long enough for Checkmate to disappear. With 2 guards out of the picture Fable faded into the mall traffic before catching a ride to meet up with the crew back at the Ziggurat.

They hadn’t cleared their payday yet. But things had been almost too easy.

And Fable still had Nex on the line for a few nuyen over those MK.IX-Beta schematics.


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