Maria "Mercurial" Martinez

World-famous pop star.


NetCat//I caught my daughter listening to Maria Mercurial again. Not that I have a problem with her cranking some pirated tunes, it’s just – well, I love her too. I was almost mad she didn’t want to listen to Lollipop Dreams with me.

megavolt// she’s really good for sure. she’s super adorable because she was made that way. duh

she’s everything that’s cute about a spicy little latina girl but emphasized. her eyes r bigger. her smile is wider. her shiny black hair flows perfectly like some japanese idoru. her green eyes captivate. shes super inocent.

NetCat//I can’t make out the press releases that Aztechnology puts out. So she’s not human? It’s all technobabble.

Turbo-Bunny//She’s a complex blend of cybernetics, bioware, and old-school flesh and blood. I think that she has a biological father. I’d guess she’s a vat-grown clone, which means she’s kind of ike a real person. I’ve seen her age; that bioware and cyberware probably grows with her. She probably poops like a normal person.

megavolt: shes pretty normal except for the fucking voice. complex adsr envelopes, oscillators… she can emulated any voice she hears. she’s designed to read an entire fucking concert hall’s mood and adjust her music to maximize dopamine.

NetCat// How do you know so much about Maria Mercurial?

megavolt// im her biggest fan.

Maria "Mercurial" Martinez

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