Cross Point

“Look at that, Joe Wageslave! Aztechnology built a city just for you. Don’t you feel grateful?”

Cross Point is another new addition, replacing old Veracruz on the west side of the canal. It’s conveniently located within tram or bike distance of every other major intersection; doesn’t it just make you want to move there?

Actually, Cross Point ain’t too terrible. Low crime, cheap rent, nice view, little pollution, no residue from the bombings of the 2050s. It’s honestly not awful except for the ominpresent David Cartel. Julios Ramos, leader of one of the world’s largest criminal organizations, is so strongly tied to Aztlan and Aztechnology it’s a surprise they’re not an official subsidiary.

The David Cartel has complete and total monopoly on organized crime within the Cross Point subsprawl, and as far as I can tell, Aztlan/Aztechnology _likes it that way. _ Every kidnapping, every execution, every drug deal and bunraku parlor…. theoretically, every single criminal act is the purview of the Davids.

If I had to guess, though, they don’t have much pull in the Panama City International Aerospaceport. This thing is massive, featuring semiballistic, sub-orbital, and regular ol’ jet flights every hour.

Cross Point

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