Sixth World: Crossroads


Fianchetto// Ka-boom! One of my contacts was posting all over the matrix about the ‘chemical fire.’ She’s 100% sure that she saw a few guys go out the windows – and not jump, get thrown from the 25th floor of the CentAm Chrysler Building.

GIGAWATT// doesnt seem likely tbh, the fire story is prolly bs but people do crazy stuff when theyre faced with death. im guessing a lab accident or a demo gone wrong. fucking corps probably didnt spring for stairs. makes me sad.

Fiancheto// What? Listen, I’ve seen the vid – a guy goes through the window and SPLAT onto the pavement. No way he jumped, not with that velocity.

Agent// Dear me. Chrysler’s owned by S-K, right?

GIGAWATT// dont think so, and if they are there must be six levels of shell company.

Fianchetto// If you asked me, and I know you didn’t, this has Aztechnology written all over it. All the casualties were on the top floor, no injuries on the ground floor… just like the Azzies to play nice until they’re inside your living room.

KUNGKONG// I thought that at first, but I had one of my buds in Panama go astral to check it out. It was like a dead zone. If it WAS the Azzies, we’d see tortured souls. Everywhere. That said, the high bodycount (what was it, 12 guys?) definitely fits their MO.

Agent// Hmmph. Does anyone run in Panama?

Orbital-DK// No.


JetWong JetWong

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