Sixth World: Crossroads

Poppin Pills

Zoey’s finally up and walking around. In a strange twist of fate Twitch is his doc at the clinic. The Zen addict doctor has been known to do some runs in the area, but he left Fable in a pinch with the cops closing in last time they ran together. On the other hand, the pandilla was looking for someone who could get them in touch with the black market in organs and cloning. After Checkmate and Fable got some light-hearted revenge on the good doc they brought him up to speed on the need-to-knows of the Horizon job.

With Fable as a Portugese Aztechnology Employee, Gualberto Simões and Twitch to back up the paperwork with a doctors signature little Maria “Mercurial” Martinez was on to incubation. With the Sylvan package on top for fun.

Downside, Nex spotted the crew at the clinic. Twitch stepped up to buy some time while everyone got out. Not something Fable would have expected from the addict, and his estimation of the doc rose quite a bit in that moment. Not that the feeling lasted for long while Fable set off to run into Nex. She dropped by the bakery as expected, with her thugs and a bloody mark. The conversation went alright, and it seemed unlikely that anyone would be waking up at the bottom of the canal, save for the aforementioned mark. Nex intended to dig into Leticia Nunes, the cover Checkmate used at the clinic. But that would be fine. Those papers were legit. Or as good as.

Meanwhile, Zoetrope had put together a job. And as requested, Fable arrived at the damn with 3 hits of deepweed. The meet took place in astral space, apparently Ms. Sanchez was expecting shamans.

Two meetings later and the details were worked out. They’d be working for infiniTech, a subsidiary of Aztechnology to secure a safe zone in the jungle near Maldonoda for a short period of time while Sanchez, Loralee Hardester’s sister, and her associates examined a manatomb from the fourth world. The last team infiniTech sent in put 3 in the hospital, but they all made it out. They lost their helicopter though.

Which made negotiating for the GMC Banshee as a bonus pretty easy.


JetWong RSHipskind

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