Monte 'Fable' Reyes

The Face


Jeweled Eyes, Perfect Skin, Regal Bearing, Fit Body

Awareness: +2
Combat: -1
Stamina: 0
Craft: +1
Presence: +2

Essence: 1
Edge: 4
Armor: 1

Professional – Check the Situation is boosted
Razor Insight
Build a Legend
I Know a Guy

Glock 84 – s/m, 1d6, 3 ammo, conceal, suppressed

Armor Charm – +1, Mystic, Conceal

Cybereyes with Thermographic Vision
Voice Modulator
1800 ¥

Club Owner – Sequoia, owns The Ziggurat
Mafia Capo – Nex, a step below the City’s Don, ‘Nex’ doesn’t know I’m still in the life.
Arms Dealer – Pin, the guy has a bad habit of chewing on his mustache, but as long as he doesn’t find out about a particular incident we’re good.
Journalist – Hiroshi Saito, the thing to know about Saito is, a few drinks in, he’s nowhere near as tight-lipped as someone of his status should be. Of course, a few drinks for an Ork is more than a few for a human…

Debts and Favors:

I helped Checkmate lay low after that nasty business with Renraku.
Taka always answers my calls.
Zoetrope knows I screwed over their friend [Pin] and has never said anything about it.
[Twitch] hung me out to dry.

Low – Fable keeps an apartment in a part of town where nothing terrible’s liable to happen to it, so long as the door is locked. And as long as whoever is running the block on any given month gets their taste of the rent, the place is pretty secure (and David Cartel kickbacks aren’t that unreasonable). Electricity runs 16 hours a day and the water runs hot or cold for 10. Well, hot for however long the water heater holds out and room temperature the rest of the time, really.

Aliases: (Known and Otherwise)
Mito Ito – A wage-earner at Shiawase’s Marketing Information and Forecasting Department with solid credentials.

Phillip Wright – DVP-SSCHD (Deputy VP of Security for Small Corporate Holdings Division) Saeder-Krupp, presumed dead. Missing following a chemical fire at the CentAm Chrysler building.

Gualberto Simões – Portugese Aztechnology Employee



Monte 'Fable' Reyes

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