Zoey Trope (Zoetrope) (sometimes also Lady Baby)

Tries her best


Metatype: Ork (with Fearless)

Wears a hearing aid, which amplifies speaking voices but also translates for her, Bandana with pineapples and grenades printed on it, also has an obviously home made tattoo of an anchor on her arm

Awareness 2
Craft 2
Stamina 1
Combat 0
Presence -1

Samuvani Otter Handling 4 Speed 3 Accel 2 Bod 12 Armor 6 Pilot 2 Seats 8

Ground Survellience
Air sentry

Armor: Lined Coat: Obvious, Armor 3, worn
Weapons: Frag 17 [thrown, area, forceful, dmg 9/2d8+1, 50¥]
Smoke 49 [thrown, area, 1 to Stay Frosty, 10¥]
Stun 20 [thrown, area, dmg 5/1d10
1, stun, 50¥]

Essence 4, Edge 3,

Arms Dealer: Pin
Mechanic: Ralphy Richter the Boat Fixer


[Checkmate] tipped me off to some sweet

(and lucrative) courier runs.

When I ended up in the slam for the Dynagene
job, [Fabled] bailed me out.

Money: 2500 (but not for long I’m guessing.)


(more coming soon)

Zoey Trope (Zoetrope) (sometimes also Lady Baby)

Sixth World: Crossroads JetWong evil_jeremy