Gamboa was traditionally the midway point along the canal. A small town, connected via monorail and road to the glitzy south, the town was a home to canal-workers, artists, and commuters. It was nicely placed at the convergence of the lake to the northwest, the river to the northeast, and the canal proper to the south.

In late 2059, the Winternight terrorist group bombed the canal. Cleanup was swift everywhere but Gamboa. The hills collapsed into sinkholes. The rivers shifted. It took a decade before reconstruction began in earnest.

Dozens of corps have put up walls and construction zones. It creates a hodge-podge of floating wreckage and toxic waters – remnants of the nuclear-EMP bomb. Roads are supposedly temporary, but there’s essentially no planning between the different corporate zones. Citizens are given free reign in the areas between redevelopment, and that means gangs and paracritters rule the shallow, sludgy waters. The only clear area is the kilometer-wide span that the canal actually needs.

Horizon has been sponsoring much of the rebuilding, with Aztechnology a close second. Wuxing follows third, allegedly applying feng shui to rebalance the area’s chi. NeoNET is doing everything in its power to make Gamboa a ‘second city,’ an American-style suburb of Panama City.

One surprisingly popular spot at the moment is the Drowning Ophelia nightclub. Build on the floors of a high-rise that sunk into one of the smaller craters, it stands only five stories from the dangerous waters but is considered stable. It’s been refurbished to a tropical theme and the lower floors sealed off , its relative inaccessibility (you can only get to it by boat) making it all the more popular with the in-crowd.

Need a new ID? Hit The Travel Agency, a little place tucked into a strip mall in a lower-class neighborhood. During the day, they attempt to sell wageslaves cheap travel packages. After hours, the local David Cartel guys use the place to churn out fake IDs for those who need ‘em. Th e prices are high, but so is the quality. If you need to get out of town quickly, they can set you up with a little “vacation time".


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