Las Cumbres

Fun fact: you need a canal to make a canal work.

Las Cumbres (Spanish for The Summits) is a long, sprawling border region between the glitzy Panama City and the northern reaches of the sprawl.

It was blown up back in the 2060s along with much of the Panama Canal, and was re-opened bigger and better than ever in 2073. Dozens of tributaries, temporary docks, and service depots line the walls of the canal.

Aside from the Marriot-Hilton Golf Course, there isn’t much to bring rich folks down here. Wageslaves and drones by the thousand work every day to keep the pumps, gates, and expanded artificial rivers flowing. The carril (monorail) has a dozen stops here – one at each of the many industrial compounds and locks.

The region does attract those who need confidentiality. The Daybreak Clinic is an accessible bioware and biosculpting clinic that does a lot of confidential work for particularly ugly middle managers, well as any executive (or shadowrunner) that needs a new look and doesn’t want any camera-drones to see them.

Horizon owns The Haven, a social reeducation facility, that will also include facilities to “rehabilitate magically and technologically awakened offenders.” I’ve heard that they already have a waiting list of so-called offenders from other countries and corporations, who generally dislike the costs inherent in keeping magicians and virtuakinetics locked up. It’s open if you want to, um, visit.

Las Cumbres

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