At the end of the night, every runner has to have a
place to come home to. That place where they hang
up their SMG, spells, deck, or drone. A character must
select one of the lifestyles below to be their primary
Lifestyle—this represents the general affluence of their
day-to-day life. They may elect to pay other lifestyle
costs as well to represent maintaining separate resi-
dences for alternate identity or “safehouse” purposes
but must pay full cost on all lifestyles they maintain.


This lifestyle offers the best of everything: ritzy digs,
lots of high-tech toys, the best food and drink, you
name it. The character has a household staff, maid ser-
vice, or sophisticated drones to do the chores. She gets
by in her massive mansion, snazzy condo, or the pent-
house suite in a top hotel. Home security is top-of-the-
line, with well-trained guards, astral security, and quick
response times. Her home entertainment system is
better than that in public theaters and accessible from
anywhere in the home. She’s on the VIP list at several
exclusive restaurants and clubs, both real and virtual.
This is the life for the high-stakes winners in the world
of Shadowrun: high-level executives, government big
shots, Yakuza bigwigs, and the few shadowrunners
who pull off the big scores (and live to spend their pay).
Cost: 100,000 nuyen a month and up!


A High lifestyle offers a roomy house or condo, good
food, and the technology that makes life easy. The
character may not have the same perks as the really big
boys, but neither does she have as many people gun
ning for her. Her home is in a secure zone or protected
by good, solid bribes to the local police contractor and
gang boss. She has a housekeeping service or enough
tech to take care of most chores. This is the life for the
well-to-do on either side of the law: mid-level manag-
ers, senior Mob bosses, and the like.
Cost: 10,000 nuyen a month


The Middle lifestyle offers a nice house or condo with
lots of comforts. Characters with this lifestyle some-
times eat nutrisoy as well as higher-priced natural food,
but at least the autocook has a full suite of flavor fau-
cets. This is the lifestyle of ordinary wage-earners or
reasonably successful criminals.
Cost: 5,000 nuyen a month


With this lifestyle, the character has an apartment,
and nobody is likely to bother her much as long as
she keeps the door bolted. She can count on regular
meals; the nutrisoy may not taste great, but at least it’s
hot. Power and water are available during assigned ra-
tioning periods. Security depends on how regular the
payments to the local street gang are. Factory workers,
petty crooks, and other folks stuck in a rut, just starting
out, or down on their luck tend to have Low lifestyles.
Cost: 2,000 nuyen a month


Life stinks for the squatter, and most of the time so does
the character. She eats low-grade nutrisoy and yeast,
adding flavors with an eyedropper. Her home is a squat-
ted building, perhaps fixed up a bit, possibly even con-
verted into barracks or divided into closet-sized rooms
and shared with other squatters. Or maybe she just rents
a coffin-sized sleep tank by the night. The only thing
worse than the Squatter lifestyle is living on the streets.
Cost: 500 nuyen a month


The character lives on the streets—or in the sewers,
steam tunnels, condemned buildings, or whatever tem-
porary flop she can get. Food is wherever the character
finds it, bathing is a thing of the past, and the charac-
ter’s only security is what she creates for herself. This
lifestyle is the bottom of the ladder, inhabited by down-
and-outers of all stripes.
Cost: Hey pal, life ain’t all bad. It’s free.


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