It’s not clear where the name LiNo came from. The local tourism board states that it’s a reference to a battle during the Second World War, and that the name was an affecionate moniker given by the corporate troops landing here during OPERATION: RECIPROCITY. It’s just as likely that the name was given many years later, and history has been re-written to suit the nomenclature.

Situated in PC’s southeast coast, LiNo screams corporate-sanctioned entertainment. The monorail makes regular stops, VeriCars always take the route most optimal to getting a good view.

Bright lights, the Coliseum (an Aztechnology-owned stadium), and extremely fast response times make LiNo a runner’s least favorite district.


Diamantes is is an ultra-chic Hollywood style restaurant that caters to the glitterati. Entrance is invitation only; you won’t get in unless your P2.0 reputation is stratospheric. And that, of course, means paying Horizon for a P2.0 account…

Electron Skies is an AR-enhanced club that’s all the rage with younger people. Trid stars frequently visit, making it a hot place for paparazzi too – and that means more younger people. The cycle continues.

Casanova is an exclusive casino that draws the truly rich and powerful. It’s an open secret that the David Cartel owns it, runs it, and breaks multiple laws inside it every night. No one would ever consider busting the place, though, since the clients read like a who’s
who list of politicians, executives, and simstars. You won’t fi nd any AR games or noisy slot machines here. Just the sweet sound of cards whispering across a felt-covered table, the clink of real chips (you can buy ‘em from the cashier), and the smell of money. You can’t get in without being a member or being invited by a member. I suspect there may be a minimum bank balance just to walk in, and I know it is a black-tie only sort of place. If you can get in, go—you’ll feel like you stepped back 150 years in time.

The Panama City Zoo is more than a zoo – it’s a paracritter paradise. This aboveground platform teeters over several smaller, lesser businesses (like the gift shop) and manages to make looking at elephants and basilisks interesting. Check out the bird-of-paradise exhibit.


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