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Panama City

Population: 1,002,691
Human: 70%
Elf: 10%
Dwarf: 4%
Ork: 9%
Troll: 4%
Unknown/Other Metatype: ~3%
Density: 5,750/km2 (7,656/sq mi), AKA “Not Very”
Per Capita Income: 16,500¥
Estimated SINless: 12%
Below Poverty Level: 35%
Corporate Affiliation: 69%
Hospitals: 58
DocWagon Clinics: 15
Less than 12 years: 42%
High school Equivalency: 34%
College Equivalency: 17%
Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 7%
Felonious Crime rate: 18 per 1,000 per annum
Influences: Man 3 / Magic 0 / Machine 2


Megacorporations 2 (impulse: to boost the bottom line)
Syndicates 1 (impulse: to control the streets)
Technology 1 (impulse: to connect and isolate)
Matrix 1 (impulse: to absorb and accumulate)


LiNo Entertainment, Rich, Growing, Cooperative, Policed
Las Cumbres Commercial, Poor, Stable, Prize
Gamboa Residential, Poor, Growing, Hostile, Dense, Lawless
Old Panam√° Financial, Middle-Class, Dwindling, Corporate, Dense
Cross Point Residential, Affluent, Stable, Reserved, Turf (David Cartel)
The Wall Residential, Slum, Stable, Despair
Gatun Dam Industrial, Big Name, Open

Emperador Jungle Jungle, Rugged, Wildlife Hotspot, Megafauna, Awakened

Abbreviated History of Panama
Abbreviated Abbreviated History of Panama


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