Old Panamá

This was The City that the Corporate Council seized back in the 2050s. That means that they built it to their own exacting specifications.

Today, Old Panamá’s (extremely robust) economy is stagnant. Major reconstruction projects outside the city core make this 20th century relic seem obsolete. Old-fashioned colonial buildings mix with brand new corporate high-rises. It’s a real sight to see; when the corps moved in, they really took liberties with the place.

Old Panamá enjoys a long history as being a real city. It was burned by Henry Morgan in the 1500s and invaded by American Marines in the 1980s. It’s the biggest district by far, and everything you could expect in a 20th century city can still be found.

The Xolotl Pyramid is one of the largest pyramids in Central America. Aztlan’s state religion enjoys what is essentially infinite freedom within its walls.

The main import from Japan, the Bosozoku (or “Speed Tribes”) are the diverse go-go-gangs that crawl the streest and byways of the city center. Individually, they range from simple racing clubs (formal or informal) to aquatic bikers obsessed with criminal activity. The Bosozoku are strongly tied to Panama’s courier culture, and often end up smuggling or dealing in performance enhancers.

Trio Amigos is a local restaurant, serving Aztlaner cuisine and music in equal helpings. It’s simple, it’s unassuming, and it’s widely known as a meeting hotspot. No security cameras, no recording devices ,and no guns; the unspoken rules of Trio Amigos mean that fixers, Johnsons, and brokers all feel comfortable inside its walls. Whatever’s said inside never leaves. Some say that the loose-lipped nature of the place comes from the marketing – and some say the place has an aura of friendliness. Order the chile relleno and see for yourself.

Paradiso has everything that a working consumer needs. Two summoned spirits drift through the air, delighting johnny wageslave with crackling electricity and terrifying and would-be pickpockets. Drones whiz along the ground, peeking into each of the hundreds of tiny storefronts every few hours. Medical clinics, grocery stores, clothing, and a gym. Almost makes you want to visit. Almost.

Old Panamá

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