The Wall

Riser// I’ve never been there personally, but I’ll admit a certain curiosity. The Wall is hundreds of miles long, and serves the delightful purpose of keeping the Awakaned jungle out and the nice, climate-controlled corporate jungle in.

The Wall flanks the east side of the Canal, keeping the Emperador Rainforest from encroaching any further. It was built in the 2050s after the Corporate Court takeover of the Panama Canal.

The Wall is regularly patrolled by drones and maintenance workers; Sangre del Diablo trees, kudzu vines, and other delightful beasties are always trying to make their way farther west. They often succeed, too; the Emperador is a living, breathing jungle, and only the crazy or crazy poor would want to live anywhere near it.

KungKong// I suspect that’s why you’re so interested. I haven’t been to the Panama City Free Trade Zone either, but I have seen the slums on the Matrix. Tiny buildings squelched up against a gigantic, ultramodern wall; the contrast is downright disorienting. I’m sure that the Great Dragon Hualpa would just love that wall to come crashing down.

GigaWatt//less people live there than you think. why would you live out next to the wall when you could live on the lake? no, the lake’s where it’s at. you live on the lake and you’ve got access to the waterway, the ocean (if you’re smart) and lots of commerce.

the lake’s got all these tiny islands. technically, I think theyre all manmade since they’re all in a manmade lake?

Riser// Stay away from those islands, friend. They are small, solitary, and strange. From what I hear, CentAm settlements come in one of three flavors:

1. Weird
2. Corporate
3. Gang

With number one, you get some strange folks who never left, even after the Awakening. If you’re lucky, you get some tribal villagers or paleo-resurrectionists. If you’re unlucky, you get a guy and his nineteen kids, looking for new slaves.

With number two, you get either a corporate exclave – which means ‘no entry’ or a corporate black site which means ‘no escape.’

Number three is pretty much a crapshoot as well; maybe it’s a midway point for a drug run, maybe it’s a repair shack, or maybe it’s a novacoke processing center. Or maybe it’s a tavern on a boat! You never know. Exciting stuff.

//ChangeAgent: You’d think that people would run in Panama. Maybe the rent is too high.

The Wall

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